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fs001.gif (151 bytes)This web site is mainly for you to download software.If you want to have another data,you can come to "Michael's World".You will feel interesting if you come to there!

fs001.gif (151 bytes)This is my first project.If  I had done something wrong,please forgive!I hope you enjoy it!

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Software Download:

point02.gif (1878 bytes)WinBoost 98 v1.22--------It help you change and control setting of your computer more easily.For example:"System","Start Menu","Explorer","Desktop","Internet","Misc",etc.And it can make you CD-Rom Driver mor faster!

point02.gif (1878 bytes)ICQ PLUS--------It updates your ICQ!

point02.gif (1878 bytes)WebZip--------It download the data you want,then you can watch it when you are offline!

point02.gif (1878 bytes)Xing Player v.3.3--------It let you watch VCD by your PC!

point02.gif (1878 bytes)Easy Clean 32--------It can clean the useless file in your computer!

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